My love for painting and drawing began as a kid.  I think that as soon as I could work a crayon, I began to  translate all of the things I loved into pictures and to this day,  I am still painting the things I love. (I never paint pictures about cleaning the bathroom!)

I love everything about the mountains . . . from bare granite cliffs to thick conifer forests, from clear, sparkling streams to lush aspen groves. I get lost in painting those landscapes.

I grew up a cowgirl, raising horses and sheep and I was involved in agriculture and rodeo.  I eventually received a degree in Agricultural Science from Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo.  I still love painting animals, cowboys, and scenes of people working in the agricultural industries, including the vineyard - -  my family owns a vineyard in Auburn, California. The work that goes on there and the romance of the wine making lifestyle, is another source of inspiration for me.

I also draw inspiration from my  heritage.  I love to paint portraits from the vintage photos of my  Oklahoma relatives on my mom’s side of the family, and of the Spaniards on my dad’s side.

I love to reproduce images from old pictures and postcards, and I am fascinated with the beautiful faces of the First Nation people  - - American Indians.

My education in Art has been informal, but continual, attained through workshops, books and home study.  I have had formal training in china painting, tile painting, watercolor, pen & ink,

"The Narrows"
Zion National Park
© Cindy Mooney 2002

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